"We are learning so much and appreciate your teaching styles. I have already noticed really interesting changes in my partner's leading style because he is tuning in to musical nuance, and I have discovered just where I need to focus my practice."




"Thank you so much for all your hard work, innovation, and jumping into new technology

to help the tango community to expand our ability to hear - really hear - the layers in the music. What you offer is such a wonderful resource for all levels of tango dancers, DJs, milonga hosts, etc."


 — MARY W.​



"I feel like every week is even better than the last... Originally I was just hoping not to forget it all, but now I'm actually thinking about what kinds of improvements I can make to my tango during this time."





"I love the short training videos and find them helpful.

Your energy and enthusiasm keep my spirits up and make me smile."





"You are providing such great ways to express what I have been hearing

in the music and what brought me to tango in the first place."


 — JEAN M.



"The Tango Music Trainer program is for musical novices such as me as well as individuals who already bring a deeper understanding of music and dance. Jay’s ability to pass on his deep understanding of Argentine Tango music is endless and... the visual program he has developed showing various layers of music and rhythms… is vital to visual learners as myself."



"People know me as an obsessive compulsive type and I consider you the gold standard… 

Your stuff is, hands down, the best there is in the world. No, really - the world. You are providing

exceptional value for the money."




"This is one of the things that’s keeping me sane during this time. It’s so nice to have something to get excited about."


 — LISA C.