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Musical Layers



With this musicality class, you'll learn to see, hear and dance to the music at a whole new level! We'll start with simple musical elements and work our way up to more complex musical layers. 

You'll find the meticulously crafted visuals and clear explanations will make complex concepts very attainable.

Mondays @ 7:30-8:30 pm* EST

*Subject to change

Musical Connectivity



In each Musical Connectivity class, leaders will learn to lead a particular "base sequence", and then will learn how to vary the sequence, how to communicate changes in timing to fit the music, and how to encourage/add embellishments. Followers will learn to be receptive to changes in timing that are led, and also where and how to fit in embellishments, looking at the context of both

the music and the movement. 

Thursdays @ 7:30-8:30 pm* EST

*Subject to change

Music & Malbec Happy Hour


A fun and social way to learn about orchestras, eras, and tango history. We'll be listening to and discussing songs related to that night's theme. Join us Friday evenings for music (& wine?) appreciation… Salud!


Fridays @ 8-9 pm* EST

*Subject to change

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