rachel moon

j abling

J Abling has been a tango teacher and DJ for almost 20 years. In that time he’s trained with some of the most amazing masters, and taught at many major tango festivals in the U.S. Before becoming a tango teacher, he was a classically trained vocalist and musician, and studied to be a choral conductor. J's musical background and his vast experience as a DJ give him valuable insight into tango musicality. He also spent many years as a graphic designer, so it's no surprise that his visual aids for teaching musicality are so effective. J’s students have often commented on his ability to simplify complex movements and concepts, and bring about important and lasting breakthroughs. 

Rachel Moon has been an avid social dancer for 25 years, and fell in love with tango in 2009. In 2015, she spent 6 months training in Buenos Aires and soon after her return began her career as a tango teacher and DJ.  In her previous professional life, Rachel spent many years in the educational field (primarily as a Speech Language Pathologist).  She now puts her knowledge of multi-sensory, motor learning to use when teaching tango. Rachel strives to tap into each student’s instinctual body movement  to help them acquire tango movement that feels good and makes sense within the context of the music and the dance floor. 

Combined, their teaching melds together understanding with the mind as well as with the body. When J and Rachel aren’t traveling, they live and teach in the Washington DC area.


They organize and teach at Annapolis Tango.